So one of the great things about visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands that it’s an English-speaking country and the money currency is the US Dollar. It is quite easy for Americans to travel here and most other English-speaking countries.  So at least you guys wouldn’t have to worry about speaking in a different language right?!


Officially, the Locals speak English. But we really speak a language of our own. A language full of odd terms with a mix of American, English & words mash-up together you never heard of! Oh and the expression we can’t forget those. On an everyday basis we put our best foot forward and our best English-speaking skills that most Brits would be proud of, but what most tourist don’t know is the Turks Island-Slang; it’s a whole other lingo!


“Don’t polish floor for monkey to dance on.”

Yes, this is a sentence that could potentially come out of a Turks Islander person’s mouth and yes, that actually means something. Want to know? Well, here’s a list of Turks Island slang/terms and their American counterparts! This list could go on and on, but here are a few slang phrases/terms to start with! You may not be confident in saying the words but at least you will understand when you hear the terms.

CRACKY — Crazy
YINNA — You’ll
JUMBIE — Ghost
GREEN — Young/Naive
SWEET MOUTH — Meat Lover
SUCK GUT — No Good
DIVING CONCH! — Falling Asleep
HOW YA MEAN! — That’s Right!
TO NORIT — Going North
GHOST MOVE — going somewhere but don’t want no one to know
NOSEY — Wants to know everything
GAL — Girl
INE KNO — I Don’t Know
INE GON LIE — I’m not gonna Lie
BLESS YA SOUL — Tell you about yourself and then some (in a not so kind manner.)
TURN ROUND FAST — hurry up
MAKE HASTE — hurry up/let’s go
THAT’S YA BUSINESS — not my problem
GIMME — give me
VAIT — wait
VELL HELL — you can’t be serious
GET YA SKIN — get away from me, you are talking foolishness
GOAT — dumb/stupid
YA SEE THAT AYE! — you see that too right!
DOWN DA ROAD — down the street
BUSH CRACK MAN GONE — when you’re in trouble your so call friends are gone.
SLACK — no good
STOP YA MESS — behave yourself
LEAVE ME LONE — leave me alone
PERSONS — people
INE TELL YOU THAT — I didn’t tell you that
TO SOURIT — Going South
DRUNK MAN SOBER WORDS — a drunk person speaks openly/truthfully

BEST STOP DO FOOL — better stop fooling around

NOW LISTEN HERE — now you listen to me

POT CALLIN KITTLE BLACK — a person being a hypocrite for criticizing someone for something they also do.

PIG STILL PORK & GOAT STILL MUTTON — everything still the same nothing has change

CHILIN — Children

MUSSE — Must Be

SEA DOGGIE — Sea Cucumber

So, after vigorously studying all of the above, you should be able to translate the following:

“Yinna best stop do fool! When bush crack man gone!”translates to “You’ll better stop fooling around! When trouble comes your so call friends gonna be gone !”

“Stop being green gal! Yinna don’t go nowhere in public only Ghost Move.” translates to ” Stop being naive girl! You’ll don’t go nowhere in public only somewhere where nobody would know.”

“Why did you do that? Signs* you Goat!” translates to “why did you do that? Signs* you stupid!”

“Now listen here! don’t make me bless ya soul for you.” translates to “Now you listen to me! Don’t make me have to tell you about yourself and then some.”

Hope this mini dictionary is somewhat handy for anyone visiting or moving to the Turks and Caicos !

Slang Guide


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