My Journey to Minimalism & Zero Waste It Begins…

Hi my name is Deandra Stubbs and I live in a small country called the Turks and Caicos Islands. For the past few years I live in a three bedroom, two bath apartment with a living room, dining area and a massive kitchen. It was a lot of space and I found myself going to my local home decor and thrift stores every other weekend buying things to fill up the space. I was purchasing a lot of unnecessary stuff and spending money that really didn’t need to be spent; I had a huge walk in closet and I had loads of clothes and shoes most of it I wasn’t really wearing as I work six days a week and wore a uniform.


At the end of 2016 I took the time to really look at my life and reflect and figure out where I wanted to go. With a goal in mind I started putting things in progress and started on my journey to minimalism and only having things I need and less of the I wants. In December 2016 I downsize my home and moved in with my boyfriend to a one bedroom, one bath, tiny living room and kitchen apartment. Let me tell you there wasn’t much room for all my stuff a lot of it had to be stored away, and as time went by I realize I didn’t miss it and definitely didn’t need it and this is where my journey to minimalism began.

Slowly but surely I started packing up my things and taking weekend trips to my nearest thrift store, but not to shop; I was donating everything starting from what was too small, going vintage ( basically I had these clothes for a couple of years now) and what I wasn’t using.Trunk

I donated, given away as well as sold a lot of my things, I don’t have any regrets and I’m actually very happy; everything is in good use as people who needed them more than me now have them and I’m using everything that I now have. In these past several months I have learned a lot and realize I don’t need the glam of every new trend that comes out to make up, hair products etc. I keep every simple and minimum just like this island life style I’m living. Now i’m onto my next journey, to become Zero Waste; I know it will be quite a challenge for me as I live in a country where mostly everything is imported. There are no Bulk Stores or Farmer Markets and most things are in plastic packaging.

But where there is a will there is a way and I will find my way and take you guys with me and show you that you can live anywhere and be zero waste. Its time to make a change, live healthier while also being good to the Earth.


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