How to get to Malcolm Beach

Some of you may have heard of Malcolm Beach, but don’t exactly know how to get there. Well lets give a bit of direction; but first you may want to know whats so special about Malcolm Beach.

Malcolm beach is a beautiful untouched beach located northwest of Providenciales where you find pristine white sand and crystal clear waters. Yes I know that you can find both of these pretty much anywhere in the Turks and Caicos, but Malcolm Beach actually has man-made Reef Balls that was installed there by the reef foundation to encourage marine life a few years ago. Slowly but surely you’re starting to see corals take place on these reef balls and more marine life in the area. It makes a great snorkeling spot plus if you swim a little bit farther there is a natural coral garden and more sea life.

Now on to how to get there; first you must know this is a bit of a drive so if you are staying in the Grace Bay Area you have to go towards downtown to the Blue Hills roundabout. You will turn entering into the Blue Hill Settlement and following the road all the way down until it ends.
There will be three roads, one dirt road that goes straight ahead to the Northwest Point Hotel, another road to the right, that’s paved that goes into the Wheelland Settlement and then a third dirt road that’s to your left that goes to Amanyara (This is the road you take)


You’ll follow it all the way down and it is a bit of a drive. The dirt road isn’t too bad either, but once you get near the road that turns into Amanyara (you will see a sign) do not turn continue straight. The road becomes a bit more off-road; you will drive up a hill and see a huge radio tower where there’s a gate that has a little sign that says Malcolm Beach.

Here is where the road gets really bad, now if you suffer from motion sickness or not really good at being on really bad roads with potholes that comes up to your lower shins; then I would say this is not the trip for you.
But if you don’t mind it, it’s totally worth the drive, just make sure that you are in a high enough car. If you are renting a small car please take your time going down this hill towards the beach as the road is really rough, you wont get whiplash I promise. (even though it feels like it from all the movement lol)

As you get closer towards the beach you will see a small parking area that is 24 hour surveillance where you can park your car and safely get to the beach. Please know that this beach is untouched it has not been commercialized where the sand is easy to walk on. There is quite a bit of Flat Rocks throughout the beach so please take your time walking along the shores and if you like to go and take a swim towards The Reef Balls just walk a bit more south (to your left) towards the Amanyara Hotel where you will find a better area to get into the ocean.

That is it my friends on how to get to Malcolm Beach, I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you found this helpful please like and share this post so that someone else will be able to find this information. Also if you guys would like to check out the video on how to get to this place be sure to click here.

Thank you with lots of love
xoxo Deandra

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