I have seen tourist drive pass beautiful areas here in Providenciales just because they don’t know where to go. Blue Hills is the oldest settlement in Provo and has the most beautiful area’s that are so worth posting and where a few local restaurants are located, so since you’re in the area already for the food why not check out these places.

Insta Spots

I’m a freelance photographer here in Providenciales and I’m always looking for that cool location to take pictures. While on my mission I came across a free awesome spots that I round-up in this post that I think is Instagram worthy.


1. Froggie’s Container Wall

Wheelland, Blue Hills, Providenciales, TCI

India 12

2. Blue Hills Dock

Front Road, Blue Hills, Providenciales, TCI

India 10

3. Boat Yard

Wheelland, Blue Hills, Providenciales, TCI

India 6

4. Sailing Paradise (will update photo)

Front Road, Blue Hills, Providenciales, TCI

5. Beach Boardwalk

 Villa Renaissance Beach Access, Gracebay, Providenciales, TCI


6. Turks & Caicos Mural

Ports of Call, Gracebay, Providenciales, TCI

India 2

7. Wind Mill

Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay, Providenciales, TCI

8. Blue Haven Marina

Blue Haven Marina, Leeward, Providenciales, TCI

9. Blue Haven Boardwalk

Blue Haven Resort, Leeward, Providenciales, TCI

BTS 17
10. Long Bay World signs

Shore Club Beach, Long Bay, Providenciales, TCI

Long Bay

11. The Beaches (Any Beach You Choose)

Everywhere in Providenciales, TCI

When you visit different countries, do you hunt down photo ops? What countries have you visited that had the best instagram shot?